The London-Fanshawe Federal NDP Riding Association is a very active one. We are proud to have supported MP Irene Mathyssen when she was first elected in 2006, and in her three successful re-election campaigns. We are accountable to our members, who elect our riding executive at an AGM typically held in January or February. Our main purpose is the election and continued on-going support of our member of parliament, but we are active all year in promoting the interests of the party, working to strengthen our community, and supporting other local, provincial and federal NDP organizations.

We typically have committees and task forces that organize and carry out specific functions such as fundraising, community events and social gatherings. Volunteers assist us in between-election canvassing and in various special events during the year. During elections we are dependent on our many committed and energetic volunteers to help us mount an effective campaign. There is much organizing and preparation to be done as an election approaches, and, especially when there is a minority government, we have to be election ready at all times.

Note that our riding association is run solely by volunteers. For some of us, such as the executive, this is a major time commitment, likely our most important way to give back to our community. Other volunteers help out during specific times, especially during an election, for whatever time they can give us. The NDP is proud of its dependence on volunteers. We are a fundamentally grass-roots party.

Are you interested in becoming more involved with the London-Fanshawe Federal NDP Riding Association? Go to our volunteer page.