Our 2019 Candidate

Lindsay Mathyssen

I was born and grew up in the London area – it is the place I call home and that I most care about! People in London-Fanshawe have had amazing federal representation for the last 13 years – yes, I’m biased! But, what I have learned most from Irene Mathyssen, is the value of hardwork and the value of the people around you. She taught me that we are stronger together and that we must take care of each other.

I have worked in federal politics, for Members of Parliament across the country for 12 years. I know how Ottawa works and I know how to get things done. I want to take everything I learned personally and professionally and make that work for the people in London-Fanshawe. I hope you will join me, to make sure the people in our area continue to receive the high level of service and care they deserve!