2nd Annual Pat Chefurka Awarded to Selma Tobah

The second annual Pat Chefurka award was given on Sunday, February 23 to Selma Tobah, a PhD student at Western University.The award honours the legacy of the late Pat Chefurka, a tireless worker for the NDP and a variety of progressive causes. She was a winner of the NDP’s highest honour, the Agnes McPhail award, was the first female president of the Ontario NDP, and served as executive assistant to then Ontario NDP leader, Stephen Lewis.Former London-Fanshawe MP Irene Mathyssen underlined the key role Chefurka played as mentor and inspiration to her and to generations of London progressive activists. “Pat was a candidate several times when that was a real challenge for NDP women. She was the manager of my first successful campaign in 1990, and was a lifelong tireless canvasser, organizer and advocate for the NDP and many progressive social causes. She represents all that’s best in politics and public life.”The award, sponsored by the London-Fanshawe NDP, was presented to Selma by London-Fanshawe MP Lindsay Mathyssen. She highlighted the many contributions Selma is making to a variety of positive community and social initiatives. “Selma is a wonderful exemplar of what this award is all about: to honour the hard work, commitment and initiative of emerging female leaders who exhibit the tireless commitment to public service and social betterment that made Pat so special,” said Mathyssen.In accepting the award Selma underlined how important it is for her to work within her Muslim community and in the broader social world to support issues that make life more fair and positive for women, minorities, the poor and disadvantaged, indeed for our whole society. She expressed her gratitude to be associated with Irene and Lindsay Mathyssen, with 2019 Chefurka award winner Dirka Prout, and with the legacy of the great Pat Chefurka